August 6, 2016

Pink and Grey Romper

Hello RUMS
Your Sexy Mamma
My goddaughter wouldn't leave the frame, so here she is posing next to her mom!
Fabric: Knit pink striped and shimmery grey
Pattern: Easy McCall's M6083 View D
This romper is comfy, but my poor model almost had a heat stroke under this Phoenix heat!!!!
Love this pattern, I wouldn't change a thing! And as always POCKETS!!!!!! Which are made from the bodice fabric.
And because I didn't have enough pink fabric, I choose to create the shorts in a shimmery grey knit remnant.
There's a subtle detail on the shoulder, which adds interest to the garment.
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-Dr. Zeus-

August 3, 2016

Navy blue-see-thru dress!!

Stretch navy blue dress....... let there be a breeze!!
Fabric: Two-way stretch navy blue knit and another grey/white remnant with a whole lot of holes :)
Pattern: Self-drafted from an existing dress

Front and back
The front and back blue panels for the skirt are the same, and there are 4 grey side panels.
Next time, I will add pockets :)
I thought an element of sexiness would be to lower the drape on the back, but unfortunately I had to wrestle with the bra in order to hide it.
I love, love, absolutely looooooove sewing with knits, because all that is required is an overlock :)
All seems were sewn with a speedylock and the hems with a coverpro.

Even though the blue fabric is somewhat thick, the dress still flows as I walk and feels light...... not to mention there is plenty of air fluctuation thanks to those side panels.

I still need to add a strap to connect the shoulders in the back, because the sleeves fall off. 
However, I managed to take photos without giving you guys a strip show :)
Allow this breeze to take you to RUMS
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July 27, 2016

Comfy Stretchy Shorts

Hello dear sewers, I'm back with these peaceful shorts made out of remnants, because there comes a time in every woman's life when she must dig into that forgotten bin :)
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Fabric: Stretch fuzzy Peace Signs
Pattern: A slight modification to B5895 from Butterick
And yes..... the shorts have pockets!!!!
Modifications......made shorts instead of pants, omitted the zipper in the center back and the waistband.
All seams were sewn with the serger, therefore I didn't have to add extra seam allowance to fit through the hips :)
Gotta love those hips!!!!

The waistband is folded elastic, which was attached using a coverstitch (CoverPro 1000 CPX). This machine was designed to cease all struggle with stretchy material. It sews a straight stitch on the right side of the garment, but creates a chain on the underside, which allows for expansion.
Almost forgot to mention........ best results with wooly nylon thread. 

The center back and side seams do not match..... and this is my excuse "I made these shorts with remnants"  But the feel and fit is wonderful! It's a must try pattern. Instructions are extremely easy, give it a go!

"Embrace Silence"
--Dr. Wayne Dyer--

April 24, 2016

Vintage Bubble Wrap

It's been a while since my last post, but I have quite the repertoire....... Enjoy!
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Fabric: Bubble Wrap, Gold/Copper Spray Paint
Pattern: The bodice was inspired by Gertie's B6094 Butterick, the skirt was self drafted
Model: Alexandra Hernández

This project started as a challenge for me, I thought of an unconventional material, but that wouldn't become a pain to sew! What better than bubble wrap??? hahaha

Skirt is a full circle, but before I began cutting the pieces, I had to make fabric out of long rectangular strips from the bubble wrap.

 Before sewing the seams, I popped all the bubbles that were in the direct line of combat, meaning in the way of the needle! 

Closure? Well I pondered long and hard, and guess what? There's no zipper, buttons, or hook and eye! What did I use?????? Good old friend Velcro!  Worked like a charm.

Modifications: in the future I wouldn't use spray paint, because it made the dress a little stiff.
Wonder how Alexa was breathing in it?

The wind was our allied, and made the skirt look somewhat flowy!
And yes, you are not imagining things, there are bubbles in the frame!

Lots of crunching while sitting down :)

Vintage Super Hero Shirt

What's attractive about super heroes?
Fabric: Cotton super hero print
Pattern: B5895 Butterick

Alteration: Did not sew buttons for lack of time :)

Easy pattern to follow.

 My favorite part of this shirt is the collar, it is overlapped on the back, and it can be worn standing up!

Edges finished with serger.

There are darts on the shoulder, which I never had an idea existed. The rest of the darts shape to the body curves amazingly!

Nap time!
A special thanks to model Alexa and "Bombata" for supplying accessories, location scouting and the model for the last 3 photo shoots.

Vinyl Vest and Chiffon Army dress

Hat, boots and vest!!

Fabric: Grey Vinyl (Vest), Stretchy Chiffon and black jersey (dress).
Pattern: Self drafted.
These fabrics are not the easiest to work with, I had to help feed the vinyl through the sewing machine, plus set to the longest stitch, and the chiffon dress was sewn using only the serger.

Thank you wind!!!

Back of vest: has 2 darts that begin at the waist and finish at the top of the back panel.
Front of vest: has 3 silver snaps, and the collar is flipped and top-stitched.
All edges are left raw.

The dress is lined with black jersey, and it is finished with a rolled hem (serger).

Thank you sun for your warmth!

March 24, 2016

Swimsuit bottoms

Come to mama!
This one is for me :)
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Fabric: Lycra
Pattern: Self-drafted
Note: Nature blessed me with a tattoo on my lower back ;)
I believe it's a map, because it has darker freckles inside the visible outline. Connect the dots :)
As a young girl I was traumatized by it, but now I show it to the world!
Made the pattern from a pair of existing underwear :) Only one piece and a regular sewing machine (zig-zag stitch).
Didn't use elastic.
The fit is perfect! Already went swimming without wardrobe malfunctions.
I don't have children, but mom got in the frame at the correct moment :)
Wondering what happened to the top of this ensemble? It's in the trash, an EPIC FAILURE hahaha.........couldn't figure how to make it work, next time will be better.
Soooooo, I paired it with a sports bra!
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